sunnuntai 9. maaliskuuta 2008


this is the perm, 1930's style...back then it was risky business

I'm doing a school essay on 1930's fashion & hair- and make up-styles - not a boring topic for an essay! Me likey. And I think the 1930's is, as a style decade, so veeeery pretty and beautiful.

I found this video on Youtube, it's made in the 1930's and it shows dresses and outfits that are designed for the year 2000. And they actually were quite right with their predictions! Check out the heels that are shown in the video, they are quite similar to the ones seen on the catwalks lately...

And then the make-up, it was just beautiful. I think there's something really mysteriously beautiful in those lined up brows, dramatic shades on the eyes, long lashes, dark pouts and Snowhite-complexions...Now I'm just wishing someone would have a 1930's style-party so I could hop into that time for a moment!

Greta Garbo

Do you have a favourite style-decade?

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Kiera kirjoitti...

I like the fifties, Grace Kelly!
But how I love flapper dresses, so maybe the twenties.
But then, the eighties had it's good things.
Wow, that's a good question, but I never really thought of the thirties like that. Oh, and I LOVE your header. It's fab!


Adele kirjoitti...

im not sure.... haha i think its the fiftes and sixties... like a toned down version of what every1 wears to them 70s parties lolx

sinnlighet kirjoitti...

What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

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